The Diversity Statement adopted by Centenary College provides a solid foundation for academic and social life on campus. The Student Diversity Intern program and the Diversity Committee made up of faculty, staff, and students help plan and lead efforts to promote and celebrate diversity at the College and in the community at large.

Centenary College of Louisiana values human diversity in all its richly complex and multi-faceted forms, whether expressed through race and ethnicity, culture, political and social views, religious and spiritual beliefs, language and geographic characteristics, gender, gender identities and sexual orientations, learning and physical abilities, age, and social or economic classes.

- diversity statement

Diversity Programming & Events

Centenary explores and celebrates human diversity throughout the year with heritage month events, diversity training, and advocacy.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is made up of faculty, staff, and students who seek to improve diversity both on campus and in the community.

Contact Info

Dr. Dana Kress

Faculty Diversity Chair

2911 Centenary Boulevard, Shreveport, LA 71104